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Welcome to Cher Murphy PR!

A Communications Firm - Established in 2007


"Cher and her team have been amazing to work with, they definitely get the job done! I never have to worry if I will get media coverage nor do I need to worry about the quality of the work- it’s always an A++++. THANK YOU!"

Janine Vaccarello

Chief Operating Officer, Alcatraz East Crime Museum and WonderWorks

“Cher Murphy is a true professional.  She comes up with new ideas, takes initiative, always meets deadlines, is creative, and hard working.  She is truly a pleasure to work with.”

Nicole Motsek

Executive Director, EOD Warrior Foundation

"One of the smartest moves I made this year was to hire Cher Murphy Company to promote my company. In less than a span of two weeks I have been interviewed on ABC and CBS in Washington DC and NBC in Baltimore about my company 1040Return.com. Plus, being on Fox Business News which is a national show talking about my company. Already, articles about my company have appeared in several major newspapers. Plus, being interviewed on a national talk show on the merits of using 1040Return.com for preparing income taxes. 

"The money spent on promoting 1040Return is far better than trying to spend the equivalent on regular advertising. By using Cher Murphy Company you reach a larger market for less money. So, do yourself a favor and increase your business viability and allow Cher Murphy PR to do her magic.”

John Gregory EA

President of 1040Return.com

"Cher Murphy is the best thing that ever happened to my business. I had been slogging along for two years when Cher came and catapulted me into national media. Within two weeks of hiring Cher, I was booked on four TV segments. I’ve had several radio and magazine interviews, and bookings are set for well into next year. Not only does Cher get great results, it’s clear that she loves what she does. Cher is extremely creative and always coming up with new ideas to keep my business in the forefront of my field. Cher Murphy is amazing. Do yourself and your business a favor by hiring her." 

Jayne McAllister

Founder/Travel Wellness Expert , Jayne McAllister Travel Wellness

"Cher Murphy PR has done such a wonderful job in helping to bring attention to our nonprofit, The Doctor Yum Project in such a short time. I was amazed at how quickly she was able to get the word out and how many outlets she reached. Cher and her team are hardworking and professional. I found Cher to be extremely responsive to our needs and very enthusiastic about helping us to further our mission. Such a great experience!" 

Nimali Fernando

MD, Founder, The Doctor Yum Project

"Not only has Cher Murphy been easy to work with, but Eclipse® Sun Products hit sales records within two months of hiring her for PR services. She wrote great press releases that showed an understanding for my product line. She knows how to get the word out about products and figures out a fresh angle to do it from. We are now routinely getting requests to be in magazines, on TV shows, and online articles. Eclipse Sun Products has entered a new level of reach to the public. The growth has been exponential and we appreciate Cher Murphy PR's role in that growth."

Elise Champe

Owner, Eclipse, Sun Products

"Cher Murphy and her team greatly exceeded my expectations. I'm in the firearms industry and needed national media attention for my book, How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL. Being such a niche market, I thought it would be hard to achieve this goal, but Cher Murphy PR came through quickly and effectively. Thanks to Cher and her team I've received several book reviews from major publishers in the industry, did on-screen interviews and not only got the national media attention I needed, but helped drive up book sales internationally! I'll continue to use Cher Murphy PR in the future and recommend the same to you. If you’re in need of PR, look no further than Cher Murphy and her team."

Chris Sajnog (Retired Navy SEAL)

Owner, Center Mass Group, Best selling author, How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL

"Cher Murphy has done an incredible job publicizing our event.  Immediately after hiring her she created not just one, but two, press releases.  She then parlayed those into multiple event listings, several feature print articles, and even a couple of TV spots.  We couldn't be happier that we hired her!"

Sylvia Bernstein

President, The Aquaponic Source Inc

"I just renewed my agreement with Cher Murphy PR. Cher has created and opened more doors for my company than all the last 7 PR companies- times 100%!  Originally, I was with a PR Firm that represented an airline and they did nothing for my brand. Cher called ABC at 5:30 a.m. to make certain I would have no issues. She has proven her capabilities without a doubt and I highly recommend her firm."  

Will Post

Founder of Hound & Gatos Pet Food Corporation

"Cher Murphy is amazing! Over the last 35 years I have had the opportunity to work with many different PR representatives. Without a doubt Cher Murphy is at the top of my list. She and her team are not only conscientious in their communications, but they deliver on their promises. I have had more exposure in print, radio and TV from Cher's efforts than I've had from all of the other agents combined. I highly recommend anyone to engage with Cher who wants results. I believe it would be one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business."

Gary Barnes- the No Try Guy( a.k.a. The Traction Coach)

"Guardians of Rescue is a non-profit animal welfare organization. Cher Murphy PR has been a God send to us. In just a short amount of time our exposure has increased ten-fold and that has lead to an increase in donations and pet adoptions. She has brought much needed awareness to our mission of helping animals in distress. From assisting victims of Hurricane Sandy to creating a new chapter in Camden, NJ, Ms. Murphy has been ahead of all our public relation needs.We have been featured on major networks such as ABC, NBC, CNN and are presently preparing for a PBS and Today Show interview. We have received press in many NY news publications as well as others throughout the country. I would recommend Ms. Murphy to any organization or company whether they are starting out new or are seasoned."

Robert Misseri,

Founder/President, Guardians of Rescue

"During a critical stage in the growth of PropertyRoom.com we engaged the services of Cher Murphy as our publicist.  As a result of her hard work, ingenuity and industry contacts we managed to find our way into major print media, which included the NY Times, the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal as well as a heavily syndicated AP piece. More importantly, we found our way onto all the major broadcast television networks.  For our small auction website this publicity delivered big impact, sending new traffic to our online store, which ultimately converted to new shoppers and higher sales."

PJ Bellomo,

CEO, PropertyRoom.com, Inc., December 2010

"If I had to describe Cher Murphy with one word it would be: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  However, even though this does describe her perfectly, I believe in investing time in someone as she has invested so much time in me and would like to elaborate on her and her abilities a tad bit more. When one reaches a certain level as I have in my career, it isn't such a struggle anymore to find a publicist.  The struggle is finding a publicist that not only believes in you but one that will work toward the same goals you have in mind.  Cher goes above and beyond for her clients and only takes on clients that she believes in.  I have been lucky enough to have her believe in my career for the better part of a year and look forward to the upcoming years with her at the PR wheel of my career!"

Barbara Terry

Author/Race Car Driver/Auto Expert/Radio Host, December 2010

"We have been very pleased with our choice of Cher Murphy as our PR firm. Within the first months of working with Cher, we have received significant local, regional and national coverage for both our corporate brand and franchisees across all media platforms including a live national interview on Fox Business News, St Louis Post Dispatch, Tulsa World and the list goes on.

Cher's efforts have resulted in substantial inquires from potential franchisees and other media outlets. She has also helped us to effectively weave our brand message into our PR efforts resulting in increased brand awareness and messaging.  Cher is an excellent communicator and her ability to continually drive results is impressive.  If you are looking for a firm that will bring a creative and substantive approach to your PR, I would highly recommend Cher Murphy."

Jolly Backer

CEO, Fresh Healthy Vending LLC.

"We were very pleased to work with Cher. With her knowledge of the industry and her extremely professional and enthusiastic attitude, Cher succeeded in strengthening our online presence and placing us in numerous  newspapers and magazines across the country. She was able to secure an interview for us with a health writer for the Washington Post, which resulted in a lengthy quote in that newspaper. In addition, Cher arranged television interviews with our local Fox-5 news station, WBAL in Baltimore, and two local talk shows on NewsChannel 8 TBD TV. We were especially pleased to have our practice mentioned on the McLean, Fairfax, and Arlington, VA pages of our local CBS-affiliate's website."

Gary Kaplan

DO, Founder & Medical Director, Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine

"Cher Murphy has been helping with our PR for the past 9 months and we have been nothing short of wildly impressed. Her energy and enthusiasm make her incredibly pleasant to work with and her constant encouragement keeps us headed in the right direction. She listens to what our goals are and executes a targeted plan for media outlets that make sense for us. Her in-depth knowledge of the industry is incredibly helpful when we need guidance about what direction we want this PR to take us and she’s right on point with her advice. While many PR firms claim to have good contacts, Cher Murphy truly does and she knows how to use them! She has been able to give us national placements not only in print, but on TV as well. Few people have those types of connections and even fewer know how to use them as well as Cher Murphy. I doubt anyone who is lucky enough to have her on their team would be anything less than a happy and satisfied client as we have been."

From one very happy client, Samantha Fraelich

Vice President, Bernard R. Wolfe & Associates, Inc.

"This is not a testimonial, it's just the truth. Your high level of professionalism and track record of booking us on the right shows has helped our business tremendously. We are so pleased with all the opportunities you booked for us just this week alone. Thank you so much for your help and consistency. You deserve all the success in the world!"

Shawn Davis and Robin Davis

CBS Food Inc. "Chef Big Shake" From Shark Tank

"I needed to find a PR firm to help me with a national product launch.  After considering my options of big versus small firms, I decided to work with Cher.  She exceeded my expectations in merely three weeks – getting major TV appearances, print and online press.  In all my years of working with PR firms, I have never have encountered such a special person and firm – her tenacity, creativity and energetic personality produced overwhelming results in such a short time!”

Peter J. Goodman

Author, President, dreamBIG LLC

"As a sports performance coach and personal trainer, I am in a very competitive industry where seemingly everyone is producing tons of content via their own YouTube channel, podcast, blog, Instagram feed, Twitter, etc. The competition to get noticed and be seen as a thought leader and expert who has separated themselves from the pack is more than challenging. 

For years, we struggled to balance a production of content to stay relevant on web searches and ranking while also servicing clients. It's a tough battle! Over a year ago I found myself frustrated by the excellent work we were doing with our clients but lack of ability to get that word out on a larger scale. I thought a PR firm could help scale things up for us to allow us to reach and impact more people (and, I hypothesized, this would have far more impact that simply hiring someone to do SEO). 

I hired Cher and have been extremely pleased with our work together over the past 9-months. She is diligent in getting press releases out and turning those into opportunities for interviews, magazine articles, television appearances, and more. As a result, our website traffic has more than tripled during this time leading to more new client inquiries. Most importantly, I've also been able to correlate new business driven from these interviews and appearances that she has secured for me. As our work progresses, the opportunities are getting bigger, broader, and more impactful”

Sarah Walls, CES, CSCS, PES, USAW

President, Strength & Performance Training, Inc. Strength/Conditioning Coach, Washington Mystics