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Cher Murphy PR Shares PR with a Conscience Motto

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Cher Murphy PR Shares “PR with a Conscience” Motto

VIRGINIA – Most companies that hire public relations firms don’t set out to team up with an unethical one. Yet, from time to time, it does happen. Companies unfamiliar with PR practices may not even realize they are getting less than stellar service, at the start. A public relations firm should always have a business’s best interest in mind. One PR firm has adopted a motto, “PR with a Conscience,” that reminds the public of just that.

“It is understandable why so many businesses don’t trust PR firms. There are a lot out there that only see businesses as dollar signs, rather than as partners,” explains Cher Murphy, president of Cher Murphy PR (, a public relations firm with offices in Miami and Virginia. “The goal of every good public relations specialist should be always to deliver what they say they will.”

Businesses seeking a public relations firm to team up with should always have honesty at the top of their list of qualifications. Likewise, they should be able to provide results and substance, and have an ethical accounting and billing procedure in place. One of the problems with traditional PR billing methods is that the companies bill their clients monthly, regardless of whether or not any results were produced. Whether a company has a retainer arrangement or pays only for placements, the PR firm should be able to provide details of the amount of time spent on a client each month.

“My clients know that I will work hard to get their business message out to the public. Both my retainer and pay-for-placement clients can feel comfortable knowing that they will see results,” says Murphy. “Good public relations means always doing it with a conscience. It’s about being honest, working hard, staying committed, and delivering for every client.”

For those businesses looking to team up with a public relations firm, the Counselors to America’s Small Business (SCORE) suggests:
  • Thinking about what you want out of a PR firm. Identify some goals, so you have an idea of what you are expecting.
  • Being realistic about what a public relations firm can do for your business. They cannot cover up something unethical, illegal or fraudulent.
  • Interviewing several companies, asking what they can do for your business, and comparing to see which one makes the best fit for your needs.
  • Looking to a local PR firm if you only want local media attention. If you want national exposure, then the firm can be anywhere.
  • Keeping in close contact with the PR agency that you hire. They are an important part of your business, and they can’t do their job effectively if they are out of the loop.
“An important thing to keep in mind when interviewing a public relations specialist is that, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” adds Murphy. “They can promise you the moon, even though they can’t deliver it. You want to go with someone that offers a realistic view of what they can do for you, and then surprises you by delivering even more.”

About Cher Murphy PR

Cher Murphy PR is a full-service public relations agency with offices in Miami and Virginia, focusing on small-business public relations management. The firm was started by public relations veteran Cher Murphy, who has had experience working in large agencies as a vice president, writer, editor, client account specialist, and media relations professional. She has had extensive experience generating exposure for small businesses in consumer, business-to-business, Web-based companies, financial services, travel/entertainment, governmental, technology, food, and hospitality industries. To learn more, visit

Counselors to Americas Small Business. 5 Tips on Hiring a Public Relations Firm.
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