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Keeping Consistent Message Builds Customer Loyalty

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Keeping Consistent Message Builds Customer Loyalty for Small Businesses

VIRGINIA – Every business has a message – at least they should. The goal of every business (and public relations specialist, if they work with one) is to define what their message is, and then work to ensure that it is kept consistent. Keeping the message consistent will help a company to reach their target audience, which will ultimately grow their business.

“If a company isn’t clear on what its mission and goals are, then it can’t very well expect consumers to understand it, either,” explains Cher Murphy, president of Cher Murphy PR (, a public relations firm with offices in Miami and Virginia. “Successful companies have a recurring focus that has been well defined from the beginning, and that is carried through all media.”

In order to keep the focus steady, businesses must first define what that message is. For starters, a company should determine what points the company aims to offer the public. They can do that by reviewing their goals and how they believe their business can best serve the community. Once the point is determined, keep the following items in mind:
  • Capture the company meaning in writing. Establish the goals and talking points so that everyone who speaks to the public about the business has a starting place. A few narrowed-down points will help keep responses on the right track.
  • Keep the talking points authentic. Although it’s ideal to keep the message consistent, that doesn’t necessarily, mean copying it word-for-word in every response that is given to every media outlet. Know the mission and key facts, but make the response original.
  • Have the look and feel of the company’s online presence match the offline one. All company brochures, business cards, catalogs, and Web site should match and have the same message.
  • Hold a company meeting to go over the goals. Everyone should be aware of what those goals are.
  • Keep in mind that your mission should be clear and specific. Once you can pinpoint why people would care about your business, you’ll be able to formulate the perfect message.
  • Revisit and evaluate your objectives often, to ensure the company is hitting the target.
  • Consider working with a public relations specialist, at least to formulate the goals of the company as it pertains to the media. A little PR leg-work can go a long way toward establishing your corporate identity and helping to keep the media message consistent and positive.
“The goal of public relations is to help a company shape their image,” adds Murphy. “We do this after we have established the message. Consumers and other businesses are more apt to conduct business with someone if they have a good sense of the company’s principles. Consistency breeds familiarity, which in turn can translate into customer loyalty.”

About Cher Murphy PR

Cher Murphy PR is a full-service public relations agency with offices in Miami and Virginia, focusing on small-business public relations management. The firm was started by public relations veteran Cher Murphy, who has had experience working in large agencies as a vice president, writer, editor, client account specialist, and media relations professional. She has had extensive experience generating exposure for small businesses in consumer, business-to-business, Web-based companies, financial services, travel/entertainment, governmental, technology, food, and hospitality industries. To learn more, visit
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